As much as I love to cook, I cannot pass up a good rotisserie


There are many reasons one may stop at a deli and pick up a rotisserie chicken, especially after a long day of hard work…convenience, lack of energy to make something, but they are also just damn good. My favorite place to get them is Costco, and I’ll tell you why: chiefly because of quality, taste, and bang for your buck. They are a little bigger than the average chickens from other places. Even before you see them, you can pick up that savory scent yards away. And this is where it all begins in my mind….

I begin to envision which one I am going to take home. It has to be the perfect golden brown, and if there is Au Jus (natural juices) even better. There are several ways I can think to use this chicken, if I don’t start eating it standing at my counter with a fork and knife in hand. (Yes, I have done that). But one reason I look for the Au Jus, that precious flavorful liquid, is for a chicken pot pie that I love to make in the colder months. You cannot mimic that intense flavor with store bought broth or stock. It also is just great to pour over a carved piece of chicken eating it as is.

Cooked rotisserie chickens are displayed for sale

If there is one thing my mother taught me about leftovers, is to make them appealing by turning them into something new. Here are some other ideas for using the leftovers, if you don’t have a plan or know what to make with it. With the warm weather here, I like to think of lighter dishes like a cold chicken salad with grapes and walnuts you can have with some rustic Italian bread. Or use the chicken as filling with some ricotta, lemon, and herbs in fillable pasta like ravioli. I also like to use the filling in flautas, which are crispy fried tacos rolled up to look like flutes. Then if you’re in the mood for pizza, you can always use it as a topping. One of my favorites would be on a BBQ chicken pizza with red onion, jalapeno, and cilantro. It’s also great to use in dips for tailgating or parties, such as a buffalo chicken dip. The list can keep going. It is so versatile!

Now if you’re getting hungry good!  If you really start to think about it, you can be creative and come up with lots of dishes. If you have more ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’m always happy to find a new way to appreciate the rotisserie chicken! Because it is just awesome!

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