About Emily

This blog is born out of love of food, drink, and connecting with those that also share in that passion.

The hardest part of this blog is coming up with a bio. Sitting and thinking of what to say about oneself is not easy. And what would you want to know about me? In the most basic description, I am a professional in the banking industry with an associates degree in culinary arts. I have been working in banking for the past ten plus years, but love of food has been a part of me for longer than I can remember. I can’t count the number of recipes and dishes I have tried. My growing passion lead me to attend the Illinois Institute of Art in 2010, where I earned my associates in 2011. That was a complete left field from the business I am in, but I loved the experience I had. I also have lots of stories to hang on to from that time. The relationships I formed there have stayed with me and have helped sustain my increasing drive to keep going.

I suppose I am partly here to stretch my bounds, seek different ingredients to work with, and share what I know in the hopes of enlightening others and breaking things down to make them easier. Not only do I love making and creating meals, I also enjoy the history behind a particular ingredient or dish. It gives a deeper understanding and meaning to each meal, and makes for an interesting story. Along with food, I also have a growing fondness for craft beer and wine. Having been exposed to the variety and complexity in beverages, I seek as much depth in drink as I do food. The quest to keep learning more about the beverage world is ongoing.

Other tidbits…In the summer I keep a garden, and like to plant different things and use them whenever I can. I feel I should also disclose that I am a coffee junkie and a chipaholic, but I’m trying work on that….maybe. But when it comes to food and cooking, quality is really what I look for. Even the simplest of dishes, made with quality ingredients, can make an exceptional meal. I am eager to explore all things involving food and drink, and hope to bring you on that journey with me.

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