I don’t even know where to begin. I love beer, wine, coffee…and just a great quality drink. That could be anything from tea to a tasty cocktail.

Over time and tasting various beverages, I have grown to have an appreciation for craft beer, the vast and complicated wine world, and my beloved coffee. There was a time when I thought beer was beer. That was many moons and many beers ago. As craft brewing continues to grow, so does my quest to find the next great beer. And I also seek to pair that beer with a great meal.

With wine, I must say I am still learning more and more and I love it. Being able to pick up on flavors and notes is not only enjoyable but gratifying. Pairing the right wine with the right dish can not only enhance, but also make a meal complete. And when you begin to understand the effort that goes into making quality wine, there is a respect and desire that build from it. There are so many varietals, regions, and producers to tap into and explore. I hope to keep at it and share those experiences along the way.

And with coffee, I just love a good cup. Yes, I use cream and sugar. Not a lot. And to those that drink it straight up and frown upon that, I’ll just say that maybe one day when I grow up I’ll drink it that way.

So I hope to share and post more about these beverages and more as I continue my quest to quench a thirst.

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